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Experience the Extraordinary.

i provide a superior level of service to successful people with passion and purpose, so they can experience the extraordinary lifestyle they so richly deserve.

In 6 short years, Robin is in the top 5% of real estate agents in Charleston and has been awarded Realtor(R) of Distinction & featured in Top Agent Magazine

Known for her high level of expertise in beach areas, second home/vacation properties, ROI calculations, including property management


Mother to an Autistic son, Robin has expertise & resources for families with special needs children with ADHD, autism, anxiety & depression

University degrees in finance & accounting, corporate experience & owner/manager of a boutique resort, restaurants & marina on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, in the Bahamas

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(843) 214-8451

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought and sold property before, but it’s been a while and I know some things change. How will you help to make sure I understand what’s new in the real estate process and laws?

You are right! The process of Buying or Selling your home has changed over the years, as have the laws surrounding it. During this highly emotional process allows you to focus on what really matters, you and your family.

The Process:

Understanding the process starts with an initial consultation. We will discuss your goals and our plan for Success. We will also dive as deep as you desire into all the moving parts, who will handle what, and exactly what is needed from you throughout. You will be given a Process Flow Chart and a “Who to talk to when” sheet.

Most importantly, we will talk every week and go over:

  • What we have completed this week on the process to purchase or sell your home
  • What are the next steps?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What obstacles are you facing and how can we help?

This way you are always informed and always being helped.

The Laws:

It is both my job and my passion to be an expert in my field. When I don’t know the answer, it is also my job to have experts on my team to advise me and you. The beauty of hiring a real estate TEAM, rather than a single agent, is that we have the time to read, learn and stay updated on what matters to you the most!

The Bottom Line:

It is our job to be professionals, to anticipate problems and avoid them when possible, provide quick and creative solutions when we can’t avoid them, and get the deal done while providing a stress free environment for you.

While on the surface, handling a real estate transaction might seem like a simple task, there are actually many moving parts to the process, and they don’t always go smoothly.  There are several critical things that I offer which can make a huge difference. First, I have the MLS, we can post your listing to every agent out there with a buyer that is looking for a home like yours.  The agent will bring you a ready willing and pre-qualified buyer that has been to a lender and knows they can purchase your home.

Second, when you sell your home yourself, anytime you leave to go to work, or out of town you take your home off the market, it interrupts the showing process (even when you have a family member or friend to show it for you, they cannot always meet the expectations of your potential buyers and their schedules).  When you list with me, I place a lock box on the door that is accessible to other agents and they can show it whether you are home or not. They are licensed, the box is on a computer system that will notify me if it has been opened and I will know who to ask for feedback. Third, selling a home is stressful even when you are not face to face with the buyer. When you work directly with the buyer, it becomes more stressful. I know this from years of experience.  Finally, there are legal issues in any real estate transaction that can make or break the deal. I am trained to recognize and handle those quickly and correctly. Most people don’t even know those issues exist until it’s too late. You want someone to empower you to make the best decision, and to represent you while keeping the emotion under wraps, getting the job done and keeping you in a stress free environment.

What makes you different from the other Realtors in your market?


We will have a successful sale. Truthfully, very few agents have the Expertise, Creativity & Determination to get every house they have ever listed SOLD. Your needs & goals will be the most important part of this process. Yes, it will actually be about YOU. We are a team; you will receive honest data & experience-driven advice on a consistent basis. We will communicate and collaborate. You are hiring a marketer that understands how to influence buyers to pay top dollar for your home. We have a team to help with all the details. You can be as “hands off” as you like, saving you time.


You will understand the buying process and what to expect along the way. Our experience in anticipating the inevitable bumps in the road will save you time and money. Your needs & goals will be the most important part of this process. We have a team of lenders, attorneys, contractors & more to help you through the process to decrease stress. We have a team to help with all the details. You can be as “hands off” as you like, saving you time.

Which customers are you best suited to help?

We work best for people who are too busy for the DIY approach to real estate, and realize that they need true professionals who excel at their craft and do this every day.  Our clients expect that we will pick up the baton and move the process forward with great care and expertise. They understand that we have years of experience dealing with luxury resorts, properties and investments, and count on us to keep them informed on a regular basis and help them to make decisions that are carefully weighed with their best interests in mind. We also work well with absentee owners and second home owner/investors.  We have a property management background which can be critical to those types of buyers & sellers.

How and why did you get in to real estate?

Real estate is an extremely entrepreneurial business that pulls in every aspect of what I love to do.  I truly love to help people (sounds generic, but when you are young, you can’t really define it), analyze data (I was a finance major in college), psychology (I wanted to be a lawyer growing up. I loved reading people and using knowledge to manipulate a situation in my client’s favor), and marketing (I have had a passion from an early age). My dad, who spent years in corporate America as a director of marketing then went on to be a Professor of Marketing,

We decided to move to the US after our autistic (Asberger’s) son needed better education than what the island school could offer.  We sold the resort in the Bahamas at the bottom of the real estate market, and came to the USA with only a small amount of savings. We decided to move to Charleston after an interesting encounter.  When David was off-loading 150 lbs of secrete bags from the boat onto the dock one day, we had a really nice young man come offer to help. He was staying at the resort and having lunch on the outside deck. When he saw that David was dripping in sweat, he came down the dock and said, “where I come from, we don’t watch people work. Let me give you a hand.” David then asked where he was from. “Charleston, SC,” he said! After researching the schools in Charleston, the decision was made !  Since we had successfully run restaurants and a resort in the Bahamas, and built 15 homes, opening our own real estate brokerage seemed like a natural choice in Charleston.

I’ve had a negative experience in the past. Please tell me how you will keep me informed about the process and how often I’ll get those updates.

Before you List of Buy Your Home:

In our initial consultation we will review your goals and make a plan for success. This plan will include your timing, your financial goals, and of course all the logistics of making the move. I have a team of vendors that I know and trust to help you, if needed.

During the Process:

We will talk every week and go over:

  • What we have completed this week on the process to purchase or sell your home
  • What are the next steps?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What obstacles are you facing and how can we help?

This way you are always informed and always being helped.

When we go Under Contract:

You will receive an excel spreadsheet that takes the important financial details of the buyer’s offer and shows you HOW MUCH money goes into your pocket. This one, simple, easy to read form will allow us to discuss your options with clarity.

Before We Close:

We will discuss the closing process, closing statement, the cash needed to close, or the cash you are getting at close, and the timing.

Knowing what is happening NEXT is the key to great communication.

How are you going to market my home?

Most importantly, we identify your ‘ideal buyer’.  What features and benefits of your home caused you to purchase it?  What are your favorite improvements? Where were you from originally? What are your hobbies? How does this home fit your lifestyle?  Next, we position your home through staging, photography and descriptive text to attract the ideal buyer. We display your home in all its glory to home buyers in these ways and more:

    1. Leverage other agents with buyers already
    2. Smart Listing on MLS
    3. Listing syndication with all logos
    4. Just Listed FB ads
    5. Overcoming buyer objections with answers to buyer’s FAQ ahead of them asking
    6. Emailing buyer agents with clients already looking for your home
    7. Emailing all agents in SC, NC & Georgia with incredible photos & your story
    8. Range and reach with other brokerages featured
    9. Targeted marketing to North East, Mid West, Carolina Region, Florida & CA
    10. Yard Sign with Text Codes
    11. Listing Strategy – List on Thurs, Open house on Sunday – hold all showings.
    12. Open Houses on steroids
    13. Blogging
    14. Featured home on all social media (FB, website, Instagram)
    15. Our database of 4000 buyers
    16. Edit Zillow, Trulia & to add buyer preferences
    17. Calling for buyers daily
    18. Luxury Ad On

We track the marketing over time, including daily review of showing feedback to motivate offers, understand buyer concerns and make adjustments as needed.  Finally, we follow up with agents that send positive feedback and ask: Is their client going to make an offer? If not, can we change something small to motivate an offer?

How many years have you been in real estate?

In 6 short years, I have built a real estate company that is ranked in the top 5% of Realtors in Charleston with a focus on luxury homes. The Robin Group is a client centered company.  We understand that moving is an emotional process and all our clients are treated like family. We provide extraordinary customer service by truly understanding each of our client’s unique needs and dreams, then providing comprehensive, expert advice in all areas of real estate.  We create “Clients for Life” by hand-carrying each transaction from start to finish and communicating every step of the way.

We need help with this process. Do you have people that you can recommend?

Yes. Not only will you have OUR team – my executive assistant, Rachel and my husband & contractor, David, we take pride in having a fabulous team of painters, roofers, contractors, handymen, attorneys, lenders, cleaners, cabinet makers & more.  You will always be in control of what happens and how much it costs. However, we are happy to assist with recommending, getting quotes, scheduling, and invoice collection.

If you live out of town, for a small fee we are happy to handle meeting the contractors, inspecting the quality of work, even choosing paint colors and recommending improvements.  We have managed both small and large projects in the past (up to $100,000 renovation for an out-of-town New York client).

Buying or Selling?

The Robin Group can help.


“Robin is Great! Very good communicator. Like how she can get to the point. Good Person. Tiger. Got our home sold fast and allowed us to complete the renovation on our new home in time to move in for Christmas!” 

– Chris & Brittney Farrell

“Robin is Great! Very good communicator. Like how she can get to the point. Good Person. Tiger. Got our home sold fast and allowed us to complete the renovation on our new home in time to move in for Christmas!” – Chris & Brittney Farrell

Adventurous. Resilient. Determined. Driven.  Those are four powerful words that describe the life of Robin Phillips.  From Europe to the Bahamas, from restauranteur to real estate, and from autism to cancer, she has carved a path that underscores who she is and what she is truly meant to do.  And it all began with someone telling her what she couldn’t do.

At the age of 15, Robin was spending 16 hours a week practicing gymnastics. Despite her talent, her changing body at that age was making it more difficult for her to keep up in this competitive field, and her coach told her she should quit, that she would never be good enough for the Olympics.  That year, she won the Ohio Gymnastic Championship in both vault and balance beam. Then she quit…on her own terms.  And that’s only the beginning.

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